Top 10 #ExecutiveFastFoodOrders

1. Trump Sandwich

Can I get a Trump Sandwich? White bread, full of baloney with Russian dressing and a small pickle.

2. Constitution Burger

Can I get a Constitution burger … hold all the amendments.

3. Right Wing Chicken Wings

Can I get chicken wings but only right wings.

4. Burrito

Can I get a burrito and you’re paying for it.

5. Tiny Finger Meal ImPeachment Special

Can I get the Tiny Finger Meal with 1 Orange Soda and ImPeach Pie?

6. Would you like to Spicer-size those lies?

7. Bologna Sandwich on White Bread

Can I get a Bologna sandwich on white bread because brown bread makes me irrationally nervous.

8. We Have an Announcement to Make!

All meals served with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and carrots will be banned. Although this is not a salad ban.

9. Can I get Fascist Oops I Mean Fast Food?

10. The Bigly Mac

Can I get a Bigly Mac with a side of lies?

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Top 10 #ExecutiveFastFoodOrders

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